Quotes by Julius Afolabi:

  • If you hide information in the pages of a book, an African man won’t find it.
  • Do not write what you will not read
  • Do not learn what you can not apply
  • A closed mouth is a closed destiny
  • If you don’t want to be stupid STUDY!!!
  • Regrets are opportunities u didn’t take
  • Passing  Over Opportunities Repeatedly{POOR}
  • As long as information increases or improves, competition will not cease to exist
  • Bad attitude is like a flat tire, until you change it you can’t move forward
  • Use you intangible to manage your tangible
  • Communication is demonstration of your understanding
  • 60% of what how you communicate is your body language
  • Position is an opportunity for you to display your contents
  • Use what you have to create what you need
  • Leaders don’t copy, they create
  • If you cannot trust the messenger, forget about how you can trust the message
  • When you Jump, you will come down but when you climb up you will stay there
  • Common sense will only give you common life
  • We must become the change we want to see
  • Character is an embodiment of so many things
  • Leaders don’t react but respond
  • If you are going to quit don’t start

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