there are various methods and ways of cracking a modem(being able to use any sim card on it) im gonna put ypu through a step by step tutorial on how to do it your self……….NOTE: no internet connection required

Method ONE( UNiversal UNlock software):NOTE: this works for mostly HAUWEI modems

things required:

  • a modem
  • A pc
  • your modem imei

insert the modem into you pc, and install it(normal process)

after that remove the modem and put a different sim card inside i.e assuming you want to crack an AIRTEL modem, after installing the modem, you remove the airtel sim in the modem and put in a different sim MAYBE MTN, then insert the modem, it will ask for an unlock code,…minimise it and open the universal unlocker, click on the hauwei tab, enter the imei of the modem and click on calculate, an eight unlock code will be shown to you, enter the unlock code into your modem and wollaaaaa!!!! dats it……… is the link for the UNIVERSAL UNLOCK software


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