naija jokes

Did u know ;

1.60% of Nigerians Prefer Using Water to Wash their Ass after Shitting , 20% “yoruba” prefer Using “Leaf”. Just 20% use tissuepaper.
2.An average Igbo man can smell money 100 meters away.
3.Listening To TerryG’s Music with an Empty stomach(Hunger) can Cause Madness.
4. After Listening to Tonto Dikeh ‘s Music, there is a 98% possibility that you might slam your Phone on the Wall.
5.Drinking too much Garri can cause sexual dysfunction and mental retardation.
6.Its only in Nigeria that a Remix of a Song will be the same as the Original song. Just two new words added
7.Only a Yoruba Man would rather Put his Head Outside the Window to Shout instead of using his car horn.

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